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Watch Servicing

At Tempus Lord we truly believe in maintaining the longevity of your timepiece. This is why we feel it is super important to have your cherished watches regularly serviced by our Master Watchmakers. Servicing includes removing the case back, dismantling of the mechanism, checking each component and deeming whether they are too worn and need replacing, ultra sonic cleaning of the case and bracelet, reassembling of the mechanism, replacing of the gaskets and seals, pressure testing and time keeping test. 

As a general rule we recommend having your watch serviced every 4/5 years. In doing so you give the opportunity for your timepiece to be passed down the generations....

You could argue that in doing so you don't actually own your watch but are merely looking after it for the next generation. All of our servicing work carried out comes with a 12 month warranty against any mechanical faults and time keeping issues. Book an appointment today to arrange your service! 

Watch Refurbishment


Our highly trained Master Watchmakers and Master Watch Polishers use all of their expertise and knowledge to bring your timepiece back to life. We totally understand that day to day wear can have your watch looking a little tired and weary. That is why we offer our Watch Refurbishment Service to our clients. Our team of technicians will have your timepiece looking fresh as the day you purchased it. Prices start from £140 +Vat


Cell, Reseal & Pressure Test​


We also offer professional Cell, Reseal and Pressure test for your timepiece. This includes removing the case back and dead cell, replacing the dead cell with a new one, replacing the old rubber seals and pressure testing your watch back to factory standard. Prices start from £47 + Vat

Jewellery Cleaning

At Tempus Lord we believe in having your precious items professionally inspected and cleaned every 12 months. Our master craftsman will inspect your items of jewellery for any signs of heavy wear & damage that may lead to missing stones and will also professionally clean and polish them. This includes a deep clean in the super ultra-sonic tank, steam cleaned and then polished back to original condition. There is certainly nothing more satisfying than having your prized possession’s looking clean, dazzling and fresh!

Jewellery Repairs

Tempus Lord also offer all types of repairs on your precious jewellery including ring sizing, replacement claws, replacement shanks, re-solder and re-design of old jewellery. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate (once our master craftsman have inspected your item)

Exchange & Warranty


At Tempus Lord we provide a 12-month warranty against all of our products and services from the date of purchase.

Our warranty covers any mechanical (movement) failures. The Tempus Lord warranty does not cover general wear & tear, scratches, dents or damage caused by the wearer whether that be physical or accidental damage. At the point of sale, we will advise you on how to best care for your item and if there is anything you are still unsure about, we will be happy to discuss it further. 

In the rare event that your item does have a mechanical failure within the 12 months of warranty you would be required to return it to us to rectify the issue. All warranty repairs must be handled by Tempus Lord and should a 3rd party interfere then this would cause your warranty to be voided. Your warranty is with Tempus Lord Ltd and cannot be transferred should you wish to sell your watch elsewhere whilst in its warranty period from Tempus Lord.



If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase and wish to return it then you can return your item for either an exchange of equivalent value or for a credit note within 7 days from date of purchase. All returned item/s must be in their original condition, complete with their original packaging unused. 

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